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"I may be a California girl now, but in my heart, I'll always be a Makati girl." #imissyouPhilippines
Mary Anne Santos

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Ice candy anyone?! :D #Strawberry #Chocolate #Pineapple #IceCandy #PinoyMuch #Nesquick #Tang

Im done for tonight. 😆😆 #2048

10k soon. Lol 😜 #2048

They look like eggs. XD Happy Easter! :) #EOS #EasterEggs

Who wants to pick boogers?! XD #SundotKulangot #Baguio #Booger

The Zombies are coming. XD

OMG! <3

Yes I could survive for days with Cheezy and Rice. Lol I missed these foods! #GoodFood #Cheezy #Eggs

And while I was falling asleep in class… Omgggggg! Repost from @xianlimm via @repostgrampro, an awesome download and repost app for Instagram,#repostgrampro. I just had to make a quick stop. A whole lot of experience in this Highschool. It’s crazy how 9 years ago I was in the same spot craming so many things in my head just to get through graduation 😁. Also I remember back in 2003, when I was freshman I stood on the same spot not knowing anyone and how to fit in a huge crowd. White tees and jerseys were a bit famous back then and I wanted to be just like e40 and Gunit haha…Just keep on working hard guys! Don’t let people dictate you on what you can or cannot do. We aint got time for haters, bullies and mean crowds. Let them stay in the gutter while you do your thing and aim for the stars :-) 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👊🍌 special thanks to everyone I knew and became friends with me during my highschool days. Now that’s real shizz nittttts…

The start of my #Wattpad collection :P Thank you Ate! Loves loves! :*